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Citric Acid Passivation – Safe, Effective, Easy

Surface contamination interferes with formation of protective oxide coating on stainless steel thereby leaving it open to corrosion. The stainless steel needs passivation.

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Medical Device Cleaning: Martensitic Stainless Steel

Q: We use Alconox on the medical device parts we manufacture that need cleaning before shipment. Alconox detergent is working in an excellent way with austenitic stainless steel parts, but is not working that well with martensitic stainless steel. Actually, at the end of the process cleaning martensitic steel, we notice some marks on the material. Any recommendations?

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Water Spots on Stainless? Improve Blowing Process

Q. White spots appear on our stainless steel parts the day after cleaning with Alconox. Right after we clean them, they are dry and visually clean. So, is this next-day residue from the Alconox detergent? If not, can you tell us why this is happening? A. It is fairly unlikely that visually clean parts have Alconox residues suddenly appearing the next day.  In addition to Alconox being free rinsing, any residue that did not get rinsed for whatever reason, would be visible fairly immediately.

Most people in similar situations, even though the parts appear “dry and visually clean,” find that the spots are from water.

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Improving DI Water Wettability

Q. We are looking for a low concentration surfactant to improve DI water wetting to polycarbonate and stainless steel during an aerated flushing operation for removal of sub-micron surface particles. Our parts are cleaned before assembly – we need to improve a DI-water flushing operation that is meant to remove sub-micron sized surface particulate from inside an assembled gas path (tube). How can we improve wettability of DI water?

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Liquinox for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Q. Can we use liquinox to wash the passivated stainless steel parts?
A. Liquinox can be used to clean passivated stainless steel. Liquinox will not degrade the passivation of stainless steel. Martensitic or 400 series stainless steel is best cleaned at reduced temperatures below 100 deg F (below 45 deg C) so that you can rinse with the same temperature water without risk of breaking any emulsions and redepositing oils during rinsing.

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Cleaning Stainless Steel Weldments

Q. We need recommendations for cleaning stainless steel weldments. A Walter weld cleaning machine is being used. We have tried using Luminox® but sometimes it does not produce satisfactory results.

A. Luminox® is a very light duty cleaner used to remove light oils and tiny particulates from delicate substrates. Generally, stainless steel is not considered a delicate substrate. In this case…

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Utilizing Alconox on Stainless Steel

Q: We currently use Alconox detergent on our manufacturing equipment as well as a glass cleaner in the labs. We are qualifying a piece of equipment and wanted assurance that Alconox detergent can clean different types of Stainless Steel. I downloaded the Tech Bulletin that notes Stainless Steel, but does not give any specifics. Do you have documentation regarding the different types of Stainless Steel that Alconox cleans from?

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