Cleaning Restaurant Equipment

Q. We need something to clean heated food service equipment prior to shipping to the customer.

A. To recommend the best detergent for cleaning heated food service and restaurant equipment we would want to learn more about the specific residues you are removing.  For equipment with baked on carbon and yellowish, sticky residues, Alconox powdered detergent in a 1% detergent solution is effective.

For water or dairy scale, Citranox mild acid detergent is excellent at a 2% detergent solution. Both products can be used with hot water to make up the solution. If you can let the detergent soak on the soiled surface please do so, if not, make up and bucket of solution and scrub with a non-abrasive scrub brush. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Click Here for the Alconox Technical Bulletin and Alconox SDS.  Click here for the Citranox Technical Bulletin and Citranox SDS.  Interested in a sample?  Free Samples are available here.