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Disposal of Alconox Inc. Detergents

What is the proper way to dispose of your detergents? Detergent disposal in a proper manner is an integral part of a robust cleaning program regardless of scale or industry. Alconox Inc. detergents are biodegradable….

Powder Soap

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Alconox Powder in an Auto Dispenser

Q:  Looking to implement an auto dispenser for our Alconox, and it is a little bit of a struggle.  Are you aware of any test equipment, or alternative methods of measuring which may be able to continuously measure the pH/conductivity at…

ABS Plastic Medical Device

Removing Silicone Oil from a HDPE/ABS Medical Device

Q. We are looking for a product to effectively remove silicone oil from a HDPE/ABS medical device. We currently use a combination of washing treatments to efficiently remove the silicone oil.

A. Remove silicone oil with ultrasonic cleaning with extremely hot (over 170 F or over 77C) 2% Alconox detergent solution followed by a thorough rinse with water. Ideally, make sure the first rinse is with extremely hot water. Typically 10-20 minutes in ultrasonics is adequate to remove the residue.

Lab Glassware

Mystery Gray Deposits Left When Cleaning Glass Frits

Q: We’ve switched from base and acid baths to a Citranox solution for cleaning glassware used to distill H2S from marine sediments using Cr2 , concentrated HCl, and AgNO3. It seems to do a good job on most of the apparatus but we still see grayish deposits on the glass frits. Any suggestions?

A: The detail is appreciated.  Whenever there is a “mystery” residue, whether it be on glass frits or any hard surface….


Cleaning of Alumina Ceramics

Advanced technical ceramics, including ceramic alumina, are frequently being used as a replacement to metals, polymers, and refractory materials in various applications due to their properties like high temperature, hardness, and electrical resistance. They are used in car sensors and control systems, within our computers, and mobile phones. They can withstand extreme temperatures, and mechanical stresses, thus, contribute to better efficiency and productivity.


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