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Removing Fish Oil Residues

Q. We would like to have neutral foaming cleaning agent to clean fish oil and gelatin residue. We will also need a validatable method to test residue.
A. If neutral, foaming is required, we recommend you evaluate Liquinox detergent. Liquinox is a neutral pH range, high foaming concentrated cleaner. The oxidation mechanisms in the Alcojet and Detojet detergents would be the preferred choice for removing these oily, odor persistent residues. 


How To Dispose of Alnochromix Cleaner

Q: How do you dispose of Alnochromix cleaner and sulfuric acid mixtures?   What kind of container can hold the mixture, and what are the outgasses?

A: Excellent question about what disposal and containers are recommend, and what outgasses are there from an Alnochromix®/sulfuric acid solution. The mixture of Alnochromix and concentrated sulfuric acid forms peroxydisulfuric acid, bisulfate salts, and persulfate salts along, which will be present with sulfuric acid.  The mixture will outgas sulfur dioxide and oxygen when oxidizing organic residues.  This is why you want to store in a vented container.  Vent caps are available at in the shop.

solar panels

Cleaning Solar Panels with Minimal Water

Q. How to clean installed solar panels using minimum amounts of water.

A. For field cleaning of solar modules I recommend using Liquinox detergent. This is a concentrate that would be used at a 1% solution (1.25 oz/gal, or 10 mL/L). Liquinox is not harmful to discharge onto the ground in an agricultural setting.

Swab limit for cleaning validation

Q. How do you calculate the swab limit, once it has been extracted in solution?
A. In general the swab limit for cleaning validations calculations go as follows:

Cleaner for Solar Wash System

Q. We are working on a new system designed to clean large solar arrays. We would like to develop a cleaner for our particular use in our solar wash system that produces an easy to maintain surface to keep module output at a maximum.

A. Installed solar arrays and panels operate at peak efficiency when they are clean. Dirt, grime, bird droppings and dust can degrade the performance of solar panels. To remove residues, use a 0.5 – 1% solution of Liquinox neutral range detergent (5 -10 ml/L or 0.65 – 1.25 oz/gallon).


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