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Cleaners to Prepare for Sterilization

Q. What products prepare instruments for sterilization?

A. Use a proper cleaner prior to sterilization. Alconox and Liquinox instrument cleaners are effective and economical manual, ultrasonic or soak cleaners.


Alconox Inc. Cleaners listed by the NSF

Q. I need a cleaner that is suitable for cleaning food contact surfaces. A. The following cleaners are authorized for use as general purpose food contact surface cleaners followed by potable water rinse in USDA inspected food plants . . .

Removing excess flux from electronic components

Q. We’re using DETOJET to remove excesive flux deposits from our electronic compoments. However, this is corrosive and contains chlorine and we need to make sure there is no outgassing after cleaning. A. We recommend using Detergent 8. Learn More.

PMMA compatibility

Q. What is Poly methylmethacrylate acrylate – PMMA compatibility with Alconox brand high pH alkaline detergents?

Do Alconox brands contain residual solvent ingredients?

Do Alconox brands have class 1, 2, 3, or 4 residual solvent ingredients? No, Alconox brands do not contain class 1, 2,3, or 4 residual solvent ingredients.


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