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Detergent 8

How to: Clean Circuit Boards & Electronic Components

Learn how and when to clean circuit boards & electronic components with Detergent 8.

How to: Clean 3D Printed Parts

Q. We need to clean 3D printed plastic parts made of methacrylate. We need to make sure it’s safe for the plastic, but also ensures all crevices are residue free for critically clean parts.

A. Particulates and other residue, including environmental residues, can be effectively cleaned using a….

High Voltage

Cleaning PTFE for High Voltage Applications

Q: We are a large manufacturing company looking to add a detergent step for bulk removing machining oils from our PTFE substrate for use in high voltage applications. Main concerns are leaving behind detergent and contaminant residues. What would you recommend?

A: Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent is the standard for parts with organic and oily residue that need to be critically cleaned. 


Cleaning of Alumina Ceramics

Advanced technical ceramics, including ceramic alumina, are frequently being used as a replacement to metals, polymers, and refractory materials in various applications due to their properties like high temperature, hardness, and electrical resistance. They are used in car sensors and control systems, within our computers, and mobile phones. They can withstand extreme temperatures, and mechanical stresses, thus, contribute to better efficiency and productivity.

Flux Residue Removal

Q. I am seeing a white powder around solder joints on PCBs.  Is this solder flux? We use Detergent 8 for cleaning. Do you know why this is happening and how to stop or remove it?
A. There are several ways of approaching this common issue of solder flux and its removal. For example, One way to fix this problem is to lower the temperature when soldering. In another scenario, a leading aerospace manufacturer studied putting potassium silicate (10 mL in 10 L) into the Detergent 8 bath to act as an inhibitor to stop the formation of these white salts.


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