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How To: Clean Agar Residue

Q: We are looking to clean agar residue from a belt in a machine that pours agar. What do you recommend?

A: For cleaning agar from a belt via manual cleaning, depending on you preference for a powder or liquid detergent, respectively, we would recommend….

How to Clean Labware: Removing Algae

Q. We are a large energy company working with algae.  It is proving tough to remove from glass and labware. We are using Liquinox detergent currently, which is good.  Anything better? Eventually we would like to move to cleaning these in our washer.

A. Algae, and the viscous oils that you are working with, require not just powerful emulsifiers….

cold water cleaning

Specific Formulations for Cold Water Cleaning?

Q: I’m looking for detergents similar to Liquinox and Citranox, that are specially formulated for cold water cleaning conditions. Can you recommend analogs to the two?

A: For most residues, the detergency of an aqueous detergent is enhanced and hastened by heat. 

scientist holding Quartz cuvette

How to: Clean Quartz UV/Vis Cuvettes?

Could you please recommend the best detergent and the appropriate concentration for cleaning quartz UV/Vis cuvettes?  We perform dissolution by UV/Vis on various pharmaceutical products (primarily tablets and capsules) in aqueous solutions (examples: phosphate buffers, citrate buffers, surfactants (SDS, SLS, Tween), dilute acids, etc.).

woman scuba diver

How To Clean SCUBA Equipment?

Q: We already recommend Tergazyme for many of our customers (brewery).  But do you have any recommendations for SCUBA equipment after use? Lots of salt water exposure.   Is there anything you would recommend to soak dive equipment in?

A:  If Tergazyme detergent is in play already via ease of selling/recommending to them, or if your customers have it, by all means that would be a fine choice to clean SCUBA and Buoyancy Compensator Devices, for both fresh and sea water.


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