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Specific Formulations for Cold Water Cleaning?

Q: I’m looking for detergents similar to Liquinox and Citranox, that are specially formulated for cold water cleaning conditions. Can you recommend analogs to the two?

A: For most residues, the detergency of an aqueous detergent is enhanced and hastened by heat. 

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Cleaning Animal Products Residue

Q:  We are looking for the best cleaner for cleaning equipment used to process animal products.  We would like an option for cleaning animal products residue on small parts in an ultrasonic and an option for a large scale washer.

A: To clean equipment used to grind, dry and defat animal products we would enthusiastically recommend

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How To Clean Glycerin

Q: What product do you recommend to clean glycerin off of medical device equipment?

A: To remove and clean glycerin, an organic sugar alcohol, from various parts we would recommend a warm 1-2% solution of either Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner….

Liquinox vs. Citranox

Liquinox vs. Citranox

Q:  What is the difference between Liquinox vs. Citranox?  We are using Liquinox for many of our applications but are having trouble with stainless steel cleaning cannulas with a small ID.  Is Citranox the answer if the residue is inorganic?

A: Although Liquinox detergent is excellent at cleaning a host of residues, Citranox cleaner is indeed the better choice if we are fairly certain this is a largely inorganic residue.

triple rinse

Guidelines for Triple Rinsing

Q. is there any industry guidance on triple rinsing…any literature that you know of that this is the accepted standard for manual cleaning that you could provide me?
A. To our knowledge, there are no authoritative source documents to define how many times you should rinse glassware. The logic behind a triple rinse is that, in filling and emptying a vessel three times with water, each time you are diluting by 2 orders of magnitude. In theory . . .


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