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how to clean blood

Cleaning organics and pathogens

We are looking for a cleaning solution for machines (including electronics parts and sensors) processing blood. These machines are medical devices. We need a detergent to clean organic debris, deactivate pathogens, and which is not corrosive. We found Detojet solution in your website. Do you know if this detergent is suitable for our application, or do you advise another one?

cold water cleaning

Specific Formulations for Cold Water Cleaning?

Q: I’m looking for detergents similar to Liquinox and Citranox, that are specially formulated for cold water cleaning conditions. Can you recommend analogs to the two?

A: For most residues, the detergency of an aqueous detergent is enhanced and hastened by heat. 

How to: Clean Carbomer

Q: We are having difficultly cleaning carbomer gel residue from our equipment.  What do you recommend?

A: Carbomer or polyacrylic acid is a thickening agent, used to stabilize and provide the base for many ointments, cremes and lotions.  As one might guess, it is a difficult residue.  In the presence of water it can thicken and become a gelatinous, sticky gel.  A goo.

Collagen Coating

Cleaning a Collagen Coating

Q: We are currently looking to remove a collagen coating from PET fabric and was wondering what we should use.  We have Alconox powder, will that work?

A:  To clean polyethylene terephthalate (PET) we generally want to stay away from alkaline and high alkaline detergents.  Mildly alkaline is expected to be ok (< 10 pH).  As with all compatibility matters....


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