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GMP certification for Alconox, Inc. detergents

Q. Is your company certified by GMP standards? Our customer is now using your products and he would like to have a copy of this certificate for his record. Otherwise, his company would not be allowed to use Alconox, Inc.

Removing DNA

Q. Need to ensure that DNA is destroyed or removed as well as HIV Hep etc A.

Removing residual DNA

Q. We are currently using Alcojet for routine labware cleaning. Since we work on DNA plasmid isolation, I wonder if using Alcojet could remove residual DNA. If not, how much residue cou

What is the water break test?

The water break test, a fairly crude test, is suitable for detecting films of process oils and heavy fingerprints. It does not readily detect non-hydrophobic residues. This test is often used for parts washing and may not be suitable for precision cleaning applications.

Alconox solution turning brown

Alconox solution turning brown is likely something that is being removed. Alconox solutions do not typically turn brown after a few days of light use.


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