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Michael Moussourakis is Speaking at EIP Michigan Cannatech Expo April 20-21, 2022

Our own Michael Moussourakis, Senior Director of Strategic Affairs at Alconox Inc., will be making a presentation entitled: “Critical Cleaning – The Key to Quality and Safety” at Emerging Industry Professionals 2022 Michigan Summit & Expo. at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.


Cleaning Fungus Residues from Mycoinsecticide

Q: How do you clean biofilm residuals and the fungus residue from mycoinsecticide? A: A mycoinsecticide is a microbial insecticide whose active ingredient is a living fungus that is pathogenic to a targeted group of pests, insects and other biocontrolled species.  It is used in industries from food production, biotech, cannabis and of course the laboratories supporting those industries. 

Remove Algae from Chiller System

Q. What is best product to remove algae from water chiller system?

A. It’s important to prevent deposits and clogs and maintain your chiller tubes according to the manufacturer’s directions. This will help them operate reliably and efficiently. To remove organic material and accomplish descaling, we recommend an alkaline and acidic cleaner, respectively.

pH Scale

What to choose: acid vs alkaline cleaner?

Q:  What are the differences between an acid vs alkaline cleaner?

A:  There are some key difference in choosing the right cleaner for your cleaning needs; the ph of a detergent is one dividing line. Acidic cleaners are commonly used to brighten or etch metals and….

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Chelation

Q:  Can you describe what is mean by chelation or chelating agents?

A:  A common issue faced by detergent formulations is the presence of metal ions in water normally referred to as water hardness. In addition to a water softening effect, chelators also play a large role in the actual critical cleaning action of a detergent. Take for example substrates that are coated in limescale.


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