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Labware Cleaning: Solujet Leaving Ring

Q. It appears that the Solujet is leaving a ring on some of the labware that cannot be removed. What is this ring (sodium silicate?)? How do we remove it? The labware has not been completely submerged. We have just added the Solujet soak for some labware that may have stubborn organics. We have been giving the labware a 4 hour soak in 1% Solujet, followed by warm tap water rinse then wash with Liquinox followed by 3x DI rinse.

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Removing Fish Oil Residues

Q. We would like to have neutral foaming cleaning agent to clean fish oil and gelatin residue. We will also need a validatable method to test residue.
A. If neutral, foaming is required, we recommend you evaluate Liquinox detergent. Liquinox is a neutral pH range, high foaming concentrated cleaner. The oxidation mechanisms in the Alcojet and Detojet detergents would be the preferred choice for removing these oily, odor persistent residues. 

Cleaning for Cosmetics Manufacturing: No Interference in Flavors and Fragrance

Q. Why are critical cleaners essential in flavor and fragrance industries? A. Many major flavor and fragrance companies use Alconox or Liquinox detergent to soak, scrub or sonicate their manufacturing equipment. The reason they use these detergents is that they are free of all flavors, fragrances, dyes, cationic biocides or disinfectants, and emollients that might leave residues. This way…

solar panels

Cleaning Solar Panels with Minimal Water

Q. How to clean installed solar panels using minimum amounts of water.

A. For field cleaning of solar modules I recommend using Liquinox detergent. This is a concentrate that would be used at a 1% solution (1.25 oz/gal, or 10 mL/L). Liquinox is not harmful to discharge onto the ground in an agricultural setting.

Cleaner for Solar Wash System

Q. We are working on a new system designed to clean large solar arrays. We would like to develop a cleaner for our particular use in our solar wash system that produces an easy to maintain surface to keep module output at a maximum.

A. Installed solar arrays and panels operate at peak efficiency when they are clean. Dirt, grime, bird droppings and dust can degrade the performance of solar panels. To remove residues, use a 0.5 – 1% solution of Liquinox neutral range detergent (5 -10 ml/L or 0.65 – 1.25 oz/gallon).


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