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Join Us at BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 29-30, 2022.

Visit Alconox Inc. at BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center, November 29-30, 2022.  Stop by Booth 1243 to receive our unique gifts, expert technical support for your critical cleaning applications, and detergent samples. Our critical cleaning detergents remove…

Visual Inspection

Cleaning Visual Inspection

Q: I work for a medical device company where we make machined parts. I’m interested in finding a supplemental visual inspection tool that will aid in inspecting the surface of a part after being cleaned. A: We would recommend getting…..

Liquinox vs. Citranox

Liquinox vs. Citranox

Q:  What is the difference between Liquinox vs. Citranox?  We are using Liquinox for many of our applications but are having trouble with stainless steel cleaning cannulas with a small ID.  Is Citranox the answer if the residue is inorganic?

A: Although Liquinox detergent is excellent at cleaning a host of residues, Citranox cleaner is indeed the better choice if we are fairly certain this is a largely inorganic residue.

Swab limit for cleaning validation

Q. How do you calculate the swab limit, once it has been extracted in solution?
A. In general the swab limit for cleaning validations calculations go as follows:

Scientist chemist in gloves pouring detergent from flask into glass closeup

Using Concentrated Detergent Directly

Q: For ease of use, we would like to use the concentrated detergent in our lab directly, then add water.  Any issues with that?

A:  For Alconox Inc. manufactured detergents intended for manual / clean out of place use, we recommend making prior dilutions for usage of the detergents with known concentrations. However, an alternative would be to add a small amount of detergent concentrate (powder or liquid)….


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