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Welcome To Our New TechNotes

We’re all excited here at Alconox Inc. about our fresh new TechNotes blog to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. We’ve been writing TechNotes since 2012. Technical support is a pride and joy for us. So, getting some new features is…

Interview: Resolving Cannabis Cleaning Challenges

An interview with Michael Moussourakis, Senior Director of Strategic Affairs at Alconox Inc. discussing cannabis cleaning challenges and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Those involved in cannabis processing, whether the dispensary, lab, extraction or manufacturing floor, know cannabis cleaning challenges are real. Click below to find out more!

How to: Making detergent solution (1%) by weight or volume

Making detergent solution (1%) of powdered detergent such as Alconox or Tergazyme, you can make your solutions by weight or by volume.


9 Steps to Successful Critical Cleaning: BATHOCARD

Q. Did you know there are nine different factors that determine successful cleaning? A. “BATHOCARD” a phrase coined by Alconox technical team.

How to clean laboratory glassware

How to Clean Laboratory Glassware

Clean laboratory glassware is essential in all laboratories. No scientist, engineer, laboratory technician, or analyst has time to fail an experiment because of contaminated glassware.  

Good, well-built, precision detergents (like the Alconox, Inc. portfolio of course) can make up for quite of bit incomplete, inefficient or incorrect glassware cleaning techniques.


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