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Free Webinar: COP Cleaning: Difficult Residues and Cleaning Challenges

Free Webinar – COP Cleaning – Difficult Residues and Cleaning Challenges

Webinar: COP Cleaning: Difficult Residues and Cleaning Challenges

Many difficult and adherent residues require mechanical action and/or high emulsifying detergents. These are largely not feasible in automated washers, high-pressure, spray-in-air units and similar clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

May 20th Webinar – Overcoming Difficult Cleaning Residues in Life Sciences

Title: Overcoming Difficult Cleaning Residues In Life Sciences Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Agenda: Introduction and general cleaning concepts including detergent selections and chemistry in Life Sciences COVID – 19 and Important Sanitary Surface Considerations as well as science behind surfactant de-activation of envelope coat Best Practices…

Powder Soap

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Alconox Powder in an Auto Dispenser

Q:  Looking to implement an auto dispenser for our Alconox, and it is a little bit of a struggle.  Are you aware of any test equipment, or alternative methods of measuring which may be able to continuously measure the pH/conductivity at…

Cannabis Cleaning: Grower Irrigation Lines

Q: We are growers of various cannabis plants for medical use.   Our overhead irrigation lines can get clogged with fertilizer residue and water buildup.  Can Alconox, Inc. provide some solutions? A: Certainly.  We have been working with water and chemical lines in environmental, laboratory, biopharma, cosmetic and other manufacturing settings for several decades.  Irrigation lines will have some particular residues….


Webinar: The Dirty Secrets of Cleaning Medical Devices

Gain essential insights to build dependable cleaning processes and enhance medical device manufacturing opportunities. This Product Quality Cleaning Webinar is brought to you by the Cleaning Research Group at SHSU, and BFK Solutions. The webinar will feature our very own, Jeff Phillips, who will discuss critical cleaning and cleanliness validation/verification with PQCW instructors.


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