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Published: January 28, 2021

Q: We use Alconox PFS for cleaning our fryers and soaking the baskets.  It works very well.  We are considering using automated burger flipping machines, and piloting at one of our franchisees.  Can we use the Alconox PFS for that as well?

A: Yes!  Alconox PFS® Powered for Foodservice would be a great option to clean cooking oil and greases, as well as organic debris, that the automated burger making and flipping machines are sure to encounter.

Warm 1-2% (1.25 – 2.5 oz/gallon) solutions with soaking and/or scrubbing the direct and indirect (splash areas) food contact parts will ensure clean “burger robots” and help ensure maximum productivity, longevity, and food quality production of your investment.

And of course other automated foodservice devices with oil and organic residues can be cleaned with Alconox PFS detergent as well!

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