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Dishwasher Rinse Aids Interfere w/ Wine Tasting

Rinse aids work by placing rinse aid residue on the surface of glasses and smallware being cleaned. The residue in the rinse aids left on surfaces are hydrophobic molecules, which stick to the surface to repel water. Less water on the surface, means less water that needs dried, and that leaves less water available to make streaks and water spots.  But there’s a problem…

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Cleaning Automated Burger Units

We use Alconox PFS for cleaning our fryers and soaking the baskets. It works very well. We are considering using automated burger flipping machines, and piloting at one of our franchisees. Can we use the Alconox PFS for that as well?

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Maintaining Fresh Tergazyme Solutions

Q. Directions for Tergazyme say to make “fresh”. What exactly does that mean (daily, weekly, …)? And after making the solution from concentrated powder, how long does it stay good for?

A. Powdered Tergazyme is stable for 2 years from the date of manufacture when…

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Critical Cleaning Challenge? There’s an App for that…

Have a critical cleaning challenge? There’s an App for that!! Alconox, Inc. the critical cleaning experts, launches its first ever application to put your cleaning needs and detergent selection information right at your fingertips.

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Cleaning pH Probes & Dissolved Oxygen Probes

Q. Which Alconox Inc. brand cleaner is well suited for cleaning pH and dissolved oxygen probes?

A. Dissolved oxygen and pH probes used in fermentation vessels can get buildup from the fermentation media that degrades the probe performance and increases the likelihood of batch to batch contamination. Even CIP systems cannot always reliably clean the port crevices and o-rings.

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Cleaning Maple Sap Lines

Q: What do you recommend to pressure flush clean our maple sap lines? A: We would recommend using a 1% solution of Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent (1.25 oz/gal or 10 mL/L) to pressure flush your maple sap lines.   Maple sap is traditionally a couple percent sugar with trace solids of amino and organic […]

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Cleaning Beer Filters

Q. We’re looking for a beer filtration system cleaner that will effectively clean our fouled filters.  What do you recommend? A. In breweries, filters are used to control and improve flavor and clarity of beer. Filtering removes beta-glucan, yeast, tannins and some large proteins from the beer that contribute both to off flavors and haze.  These […]

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Cleaning Restaurant Equipment

To recommend the best detergent for cleaning heated food service and restaurant equipment we would want to learn more about the specific residues you are removing. For equipment with baked on carbon and yellowish, sticky residues, Alconox powdered detergent in a 1% detergent solution is effective. For water or dairy scale, Citranox mild acid detergent is excellent at a 2% detergent solution. Both products …

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Custom Detergent Formulations

Q. Does Alconox, Inc. make custom detergent formulations to solve special cleaning problems?

A. Yes, Alconox, Inc. will make custom formulations to solve special cleaning problems. Of course we always try to solve cleaning problems with off the shelf cleaners, but if there are special cleaning needs that cannot be met using regular Alconox brand cleaners, then where the size of business warrants manufacturing a new formulation, we will make custom detergents.

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Filter Cleaning Wine Residue

Q. What kind of cleaning can I expect from Tergazyme when cleaning filters with wine residues? A. We would expect Tergazyme to work very well on biofilms or microbial contamination from filters that had been repeatedly used to filter wine.

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