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Labware Cleaning Replacement for Dawn

Q. We currently use Dawn dish washing detergent and I am used to Alconox powder from grad school. I am looking for a cleaner, like Alconox (which may work for my situation), that will remove silicone grease and non-polar chemicals such as oils. I would like it to be able to be used like a dish soap as we soak our glassware for short periods of time.  It is importance that the cleaner to be food-grade as we process flavors for food.

A. Alconox powdered detergent is an excellent choice to soak glassware to remove food flavors. Commercial dish detergents often contain fragrances and dyes that might not be suitable for food flavor cleaning due to the risk of dye and fragrance residues. Use regular Alconox powder or Liquinox liquid detergent to clean and soak your food flavor glassware followed by a thorough rinse.

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