Removing Trace Metals, Inorganics & Organics without Acid?

Q. We are trying to reanalyze our cleaning procedure. Do you have a product that removes trace metals, inorganics and organics without an additional acid rinse? We sample waste water influent and effluent and collect in plastic containers. Please let me know what you would recommend.

A. Organic residues are typically effectively removed by alkaline cleaning. The most robust way to go about removing trace metals and inorganics is to use an acid rinse. Most Alconox Inc. detergents contain dispersants, chelating and sequestering agents that are effective at removing inorganic and trace metal residues. You can clean manually with Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner and Liquinox™ Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent and reasonably expect inorganics and trace metals to be removed.

Alconox and Liquinox detergents are mild alkaline detergents that do not have a strong tendency to form hydroxide or oxide precipitates that leave residues. If you are cleaning in an automated spray washer or spray-in-air cleaning system with a low-foaming, high-alkaline cleaner, there is greater risk of forming insoluble precipitates depending on what trace metals and inorganic residues are present. For example, if you have inorganic or metallic residues that form insoluble precipitates with hydroxide ions such as calcium, strontium and barium, then there is significantly more risk of residues if you do not do an acid rinse.

Learn more about Alconox and Liquinox detergents from their SDS and Technical Bulletins. Also, feel free to request samples at Request a Sample.