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Q: We are a biosimilar biotech company investigating continuous bioprocessing going forward.  How can Alconox detergents assist with our movement to continuous bioprocessing?

A: Continuous bioprocessing is an exciting newcomer to the biotech realm.  It has been used in industries such as food and chemicals for some time, effectively so.  With improvements in cell culture perfusion, and the many forms of disposable technologies on the market, footprints can be reduced making continuous processing for biotech products a reality for many applications.  As with continuous processing in other industries, although the process cycles can be run for far longer, cleaning of any reusable parts is still a necessity.

For any manually cleaned parts, Tergazyme®  Enzyme-Active Powdered detergent will have particulate and residue removing emulsification capabilities, but additionally with the intrinsic proteolytic enzymes, strong biofilm and protein residue removal properties as well.  This can be incorporated as a necessary precleaning step to any kind of sanitization (ex. bleach) or moist heat sterilization step (autoclave) for manufacturing equipment items including reusable screens and tank parts.  We have had numerous successes in cleaning tangential flow cassettes with this detergent in place of

For reusable piping and tanks that would go through CIP cycles, we would recommend Solujet® Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid for the alkaline step and Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse for any acid wash steps you may have.  We are happy to discuss further details of your continuous processing cleaning needs…

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