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Industrial Laser Chiller Cleaning

Chillers get scale build-up that reduce their heat transfer efficiency, thereby reducing their chiller performance. In particular, industrial lasers need good chiller performance.

Therefore, use a 2% Citranox or Citrajet solution to remove calcium scale build-up. Be sure a 100 micron filter of adequate flow rating is installed in the coolant path. Be sure no galvanized pipe is in the system. Drain any coolant and re-fill system with tap water. Manually clean out accesible sumps with a wet/dry shop vac to reduce sludge load. Drain the system to remove any corrosion inhibitor residue.

Refill with tap water adding 2.5 oz of Citranox per gallon of refill water (20 ml/liter) to make a 2% solution. Run the laser at rated power continuously for 24-48 hours. Periodically inspect the filter to see if it needs cleaning. Drain the system. Refilll and drain to rinse out the Citranox or Citrajet. Refill the system, measure the pH of the refill water; if it is below pH 6 (assuming the refill water has a pH above 6) this indicates there is still Citranox or Citrajet residue; drain and refill again; otherwise, drain and refill with coolant mixture, algicide if needed and appropriate corrosion inhibitor.

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