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Tattoo Equipment Cleaning Recommendations

Great Art Starts With Clean Equipment.

Alconox, Inc. cleaning products have been used by healthcare professionals for over 70 years to prepare instruments for sterilization.

Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner:

  • Safe on tattoo equipment
  • Effective in manual, soak, and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Economical – Concentrated to save you money
  • Non-corrosive – prolongs instrument life

Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent:

  • Safe on tattoo equipment
  • Contains enzyme for blood and protein soil removal
  • The power of Alconox plus enzyme to meet health ordinances
  • Tergazyme for cleaning tattoo inks, pigments, dyes and oils
  • Long enzyme activity lasts 8 hours in solution

Directions: To clean instruments prior to sterilization, make a fresh 1% detergent solution (2 1/2 Tbsp. per gal., 1 1/4 oz. per gal. or 10 grams per liter) in cold or warm water (higher temperatures expedite cleaning). Use Alconox detergent for the standard tattoo equipment cleaning, or use Tergazyme (Alconox detergent plus enzyme) for enzymatic cleaning where health ordinances may require enzymatic cleaning and/or blood and other biologic residue is present.

For tattoo equipment cleaning with Tergazyme detergent in particular, use warm water below 130 F (55 C) – this ensures the enzymes do not degrade. Clean tattoo instruments by soak or ultrasonic method. Tergazyme solution will last 8 hours once formulated this maximizes enzyme activity).

Not for spray machines, will foam. Rinse equipment thoroughly  – preferably with running water. The instruments are now ready for your sterilization process. Used on a wide range of glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal surfaces. Corrosion testing may be advisable with certain more exotic metals.  We’re always happy to discuss!

To request these or any Alconox, Inc. detergents for free, please complete the questionnaire at Get Sample. For more information about any one of our Alconox, Inc. detergents, consult the technical bulletin for each product. Or click here to access each of our detergent’s  Safety Data Sheets.

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