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Lab Glassware Cleaning: Liquid or Powder Detergent in Washer?

We have purchased Detojet and have been using it straight out of the bottle into our dishwasher cup thinking it would get diluted in the dishwasher as it mixes with the water during the wash cycle. However, we are questioning that now as the bottle says that it will make up to 50 gallons. Do we dilute the detergent before putting in the dishwasher dosing cup? 

A. You assumed correctly! You put the Detojet® Low Foaming Liquid Detergent, undiluted, directly into the dosing cup. Most cups will be sized to dose something like a 0.5%-1.0% detergent concentration relative to the amount of water used in the wash cycle. However, for scientific cleaning using a household dishwasher, we recommend using a powdered detergent.  

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Cleaning Pipettes in the Laboratory

Q. What are some best practices for lab cleaning of pipettes. We’re having trouble in our lab removing dried on residues.
A. The principal concern for any scientist or technician working in the laboratory is that glassware, like pipettes, be free of interfering residues after they are cleaned. Unseen residues can wreak havoc on analytical results by inhibiting culture growth, causing cross contamination, non-reproducible results and more.   

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How to Clean Laboratory Glassware

Clean laboratory glassware is essential in all laboratories. No scientist, engineer, laboratory technician, or analyst has time to fail an experiment because of contaminated glassware.  

Good, well-built, precision detergents (like the Alconox, Inc. portfolio of course) can make up for quite of bit incomplete, inefficient or incorrect glassware cleaning techniques.

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Cleaning Laboratory Glassware for LC/MS

Q. What is the best way to clean LC/MS glassware?
A. We have published a whitepaper on the formal LC/MS glassware cleaning procedure. Contact us at cleaning@alconox.com for a copy.

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Why Grocery Store (B2C) Detergents are Unsuitable for Labware

Q. We use grocery store detergents to clean our labware and it recently came to my attention that we may need to switch to a laboratory grade detergent such as Alconox or Liquinox. Why is that necessary?

A. Here are some insights as to why a grocery store detergent is not suitable for use in a lab…

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Cleaning Glassware for Silver Staining

Q: I am looking for an alternative for cleaning glassware. I am going to perform a staining procedure using ammoniacal silver (diamine silver) and another one using silver nitrate. The protocols are very specific about using “chemically clean glassware”, but they don’t specify the cleaning procedure. In my previous job in a different institution I […]

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Cleaning Lab Pipettes

Cleaning Lab Pipettes

For washing pipettes, Alconox, Inc. recommends using Alcotabs in a pipette siphon washer after presoaking in Alconox or Liquinox.

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