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Alconox, Inc. at MD&M East NYC

Join us at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, New York on June 14-16, 2016 at MD&M East and visit our booth, #1064, to receive our unique gifts, expert technical support for critical cleaning applications and detergent samples.

Our critical cleaning detergents are excellent in medical device reprocessing, medical device manufacturing, medical device, lab equipment and glassware, healthcare instruments and more.

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BIOMEDevice Boston 2016

Enjoy free expo admission for you and your colleagues! Join us April 13 – 14 at the Boston Convention Center for the 2016 BIOMEDevice Boston event. Alconox, Inc. is at Booth #240. Be sure and come visit our booth to receive our fun, unique gifts, expert technical support for critical cleaning applications and detergent samples.

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Visual Inspection

Cleaning Visual Inspection

Q: I work for a medical device company where we make machined parts. I’m interested in finding a supplemental visual inspection tool that will aid in inspecting the surface of a part after being cleaned. A: We would recommend getting…..

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Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mixed Metal Baths

Q. We are interested in a cleaner that will perform well for mixed metal ultrasonic baths. We are cleaning titanium and cobalt chrome. What can you recommend?

A. As a general rule, mixed metal baths should be avoided. When metals are far enough apart on the galvanic potential scale, batteries can form and the plating out of metal oxides can result, manifesting in dark deposits. This occurs when you clean active metals in electrical and electrolyte solutions in contact with another metal at a different galvanic potential.

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Pharmaceutical Cleaning & Rinsing

Q. What is the proper way to rinse after using Alconox detergents?
A. In pharmaceutical cleaning, running water rinse for at least 10 seconds on each surface is desirable. Not all rinse water is created equal. Learn More.

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Health and Safety Considerations for Medical Device Cleaners

Q. What are health and safety considerations when selecting and using a medical device cleaning agent?
A. Human health and safety considerations include detergent toxicity, corrosivity, reactivity, and flammability. These considerations can be evaluated by reviewing a Safety Data Sheet for the solvent, chemical, or detergent with which you intend to clean. Learn More.

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Medical Device Cleaning – Automated Machine Detergent

Q. We are looking to use Liquinox in an automated cleaning machine. The cleaner would be agitated ultrasonically and pumped to/from the storage tank by magnetic drive pumps. We are worried that the Liquinox will foam during the transfer by pump. Is this a valid concern? If so, is there an alternative cleaner that we could use in place of the Liquinox?

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Cleaning Stressed Polycarbonate

Q. In the past you have recommended a specific detergent type detergent for our sensitive plastics (stressed polycarbonate), mentioning that it does not have a surfactant. Can you elaborate for us why?

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