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Published: June 16, 2020
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Gain essential insights to build dependable cleaning processes and enhance medical device manufacturing opportunities by attending this Product Quality Cleaning Webinar brought to you by the Cleaning Research Group at SHSU and BFK Solutions. The webinar will feature our very own, Jeff Phillips, Senior Director in Science and Marketing, who will discuss critical cleaning and cleanliness validation/verification.

Jeff will explain how successful critical cleaning means setting up effective, consistent, documented cleaning processes. He will also provide an overview of what is involved in validation/verification – including residual level and analysis. Learn about standards and work practices for cleaning process validation.

If your company….

  • supplies parts or components to medical device manufacturers
  • supplies parts for high-value aerospace, optics, or electronics
  • assembles medical devices
  • assembles high value product
  • wants to expand to supply medical device manufacturers

This fast-paced webinar will provide an effective framework for achieving reliable cleaning and demonstrating “how clean is clean enough.”

The webinar is free of charge. Register now! CLICK HERE.

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