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How to: Get Liquinox Pump Dispenser

Alconox will supply a Liquinox pump dispenser that meters out 1 ounce of liquid detergent at a time. Request yours.

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Aluminum Plate Cleaning

Solujet Inhibited for Cleaning Aluminum

Q. Specifications indicate that “Solujet is inhibited for Aluminum. Corrosion testing is advisable.” What does this mean?

A. Solujet contains sodium metasilicate which acts as a corrosion inhibitor to stop alkaline attack on aluminum. Solujet would not cause alkaline attack on aluminum as long as the bath is not overused and the metasilicate depleted. Learn more.

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Stripping Silicone Coating

Q. I need to strip a silicon coating from a small coaxial cable. We currently use a heated ultrasonic cleaner with about 1.5 gallon reservoir with Dynasol as the solvent. We need an explosion proof heated ultrasonic cleaner or a recommendation.
A. If you want to avoid having to use an explosion proof ultrasonic with a solvent like Dynasol, I recommend you use . . .

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Cleaning Denatured Proteins

We are looking to clean denatured proteins from our medical device along with baked-on desiccated blood that is not removed completely. Manual scraping removes the residual but is not acceptable. Need a cleaner that will dissolve all bio-matter. Cleaning process is to prepare device for autoclave sterilization.

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Detergent to Break Down Biofilm

High concentrations of bleach and H2O2 are breaking down PVC pipe and plastic containers causing contamination of a nutrient solution. I need a cleaner that breaks down biofilm and a cleaner that cleans nutrient salts. I can sterilize with H2O2 using a much lower concentration at the end of process.

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Developing Sustainable Cleaning Processes

We applaud you for looking to employ sustainable, safe, clean, and reduced waste cleaning processes. The first step in evaluating the environmental health and safety of an aqueous cleaner is to secure the material safety data sheet and technical bulletins for the cleaners you plan to test or use, and to assemble as much information as you can about the soils you will be removing. A review of this information should disclose important environmental and health hazards as well as regulations.

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Rust Free Cleaning of Component Leads & Boards

Q. Our current cleaning process has a tendency to leave spots on board and component leads. Analysis of the white spots shows oxides of tin and lead; rust-colored spots show iron oxide. FTIR analysis shows no organic content, so it’s not soap, flux, etc. I have recommended that the production people use appropriate Alconox Inc. cleaner or possibly DI water only for a very short cleaning cycle, and that they dry the boards promptly in flowing warm air. Rust is coming from tinned steel component leads. C

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Commercial Deep Fryer

Fryer Cleaning Safety

The secret to extending the life of your oil is a “down to the metal clean” each time you do an oil change. Both Alconox and Alcojet have been specially formulated to safely remove build-up caused by cooking oil in order to return your fryer to ‘like new’ condition. Both our fryer cleaning products, Alconox and Alcojet, are non-caustic, drain safe and biodegradable detergents. They are ideal to use as part of a solid sustainability program.

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See you at ACHEMA 2015, Germany

Join us in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 15-19, at the Messe Frankfurt Convention Centre for ACHEMA 2015. Alconox Inc. is at the Agora Pavillion B9.

Come visit our booth to receive our unique Alconox gifts, expert technical support for critical cleaning applications and detergent samples. Hope to see you there!

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Validation Via Worst Case Matrix

Simplify Validation Using a Worst Case Matrix

To simplify validations, it is recommended that a matrix of worst case equipment to clean and worst case residues to remove be created. Start by first assembling an equipment matrix and residue matrix that defines all shared and dedicated equipment with what residues they are exposed to. By conducting testing, it is possible to identify and document a “worst case”, for the most difficult to clean equipment and residues.

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