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Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Chelation

Q:  Can you describe what is mean by chelation or chelating agents?

A:  A common issue faced by detergent formulations is the presence of metal ions in water normally referred to as water hardness. In addition to a water softening effect, chelators also play a large role in the actual critical cleaning action of a detergent. Take for example substrates that are coated in limescale.


Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: How to remove biofilm

In order to “kill off” any microbial residue, a cleaning and removal of inanimate and organic matter is a must.  This would follow with the disinfecting, “kill” step if you will, with an EPA registered disinfectant. To prepare for removal of biofilms on stainless steel via a registered disinfectant, use a two-step process of Solujet alkaline cleaner followed by Citrajet acidic cleaner. Or consider our highly effective enzymatic detergent for use in manual applications including scrubbing, soaking, sonciation or low agitation cleaning in place.

Parts Cleaning

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Metallic Parts, Bath Monitoring

We are using a bath of Alconox powder for cleaning several metallic parts.  We have found that both the concentration of Alconox, along with a set duration brings about the correct end result.  As the wash solution is created at the beginning of each working shift, a gradual ‘weakening’ of the process occurs. In some instances, we resort to manually replenishing the tank with a fresh mix mid-shift.  Would you have any general advice?


Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Detergent Reuse

Q: We were wondering if Alconox Inc. has any data on detergent reuse? We will be looking at effectiveness of cleaning, and other parameters. Any other methods that you would recommend for detecting degradation and/or neutralization of the Alconox detergent?

A: Successful use for a period of time, whether it be one day, five days or up to two weeks, generally depends on soil load, type of soil and initial concentration of the detergent.

Powder Soap

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Alconox Powder in an Auto Dispenser

Q:  Looking to implement an auto dispenser for our Alconox, and it is a little bit of a struggle.  Are you aware of any test equipment, or alternative methods of measuring which may be able to continuously measure the pH/conductivity at…


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