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Liquinox vs. Citranox
Published: August 30, 2022

Q:  What is the difference between Liquinox vs. Citranox?  We are using Liquinox for many of our applications but are having trouble with stainless steel cleaning cannulas with a small ID.  Is Citranox the answer if the residue is inorganic?

A: Although Liquinox detergent is excellent at cleaning a host of residues, Citranox cleaner is indeed the better choice if we are fairly certain this is a largely inorganic residue.  For Liquinox vs. Citranox considerations, it would come down to what is the predominant residue.  Liquinox has the ability to remove inorganic residues via dispersing.  Citranox detergent has surfactants to emulsify organic and oily residues.  Hence they can perform some of each other’s jobs.

They are both otherwise foaming, liquid concentrate detergents. While Liquinox is a largely neutral pH around 8.5, Citranox detergent is pH 2.5.

As an aside, small ID cleaning issues are typically a result of lack of mass transfer through the long tube during cleaning, and then similar lack of rinsing to remove the detergent and bound up residues.  This can often be solved by racking and/or submerged recirculation. Occasionally, in very small ID cleaning applications, low foaming detergents are required.

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