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What to choose: acid vs alkaline cleaner?

Q:  What are the differences between an acid vs alkaline cleaner?

A:  There are some key difference in choosing the right cleaner for your cleaning needs; the ph of a detergent is one dividing line. Acidic cleaners are commonly used to brighten or etch metals and….

magnesium oxide

Drug Residues: MgO and Ca2SiO4

Our CIP system is struggling with a new product leaving drug residues of magnesium oxide and calcium silicate.  We recently switched from a competitor to Solujet which worked very well but not on this newest product.  What should we be doing?

Elevated Temperatures

Exposure of Tergazyme to Elevated Temperature During Storage

Q: I am contacting you to ask for more info regarding the stability of Tergazyme as we encountered a temperature deviation during shipment. The exposure temperature was 47C for about 3 hours.

A: Dry powdered Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent will be fine with a 3-hour excursion to….

Boiling Point

Aqueous Detergents Above Boiling Temperature

Q: Do you have usable detergents above boiling temperature?  Any that we could consider that could withstand such high temps?

A: Great question.  There are several uses currently in play across many industries where detergents are used at or near boiling temperatures.
For use of detergents above the boiling point, a couple of factors need to be discussed. 

Pharmaceutical Cleaning

Pharmaceutical Cleaning: Rinsing in a Cleanroom

We are a large pharma company. We use Alconox detergent in an ISO 8 cleanroom that does not have a floor drain so rinsing in a cleanroom is a problem. We have a form, fill, seal machine with 2 pumps, tubing, and a hopper that have product contact. They are permanently installed.  Can we rinse with tap water if we are sanitizing after the rinse? How much rinsing is required?


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