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Removing Isocyanate Residue

Q:  Does your company sell any solutions for residual isocyanates? We currently use Detonox detergent. How long can it last?

A: In the past we have recommended the very same powerfully emulsifying Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner you are currently using with great results. 

stainless steel sink

Mystery Residue: Left Over Detergent Residue?

Q: Whenever the Detonox is left in a stainless steel sink, it forms a white substance at the bottom of the sink. We have tested the water with Detonox in a glass beaker and it does not form the same ‘Scum’.…


How to: Clean a Microfluidics System

Q: We are looking for a cleaning solution to remove sodium contamination to a sub ppt level from a microfluidics system. Can Alconox Inc. help?

A: Microfluidics is the field of accurately and precisely transporting small amounts of liquid.  This requires small channels which can be a challenge to clean. To remove inorganic residues from a narrow ID system, we would want to use a low foaming detergent….

stainless steel large tank

Cleaning of Rouge and Passivation of Stainless

Q: We have a stainless steel large tank a piping system with rouge cleaning and passivation needs. Requiring a low foaming detergent, as we will run a CIP system. Can Alconox Inc. assist?

A: Rouge is the formation of iron oxide or hydroxide on stainless steel, often created by a corrosive over time or improper passivation efforts.   To clean rouge we recommend a hot (65C / 150F or hotter) 3%

Reverse osmosis system

How to: Tergazyme Enzyme Deactivation

Q: We have started using Tergazyme for our filter cleaning application and it is working great. What would you recommend for Tergazyme enzyme deactivation?

A: Realistically speaking the enzyme will get deactivated by


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