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Cleaning Soda Lime Glass

Q: Our substrate is coated soda-lime glass. It is coated in indium tin oxide, and/or fluorinated tin oxide.  We are unable to remove salt/scale and would like to use detergent only and no volatile solvents.  What does Alconox Inc. recommend?

A: For cleaning residues like indium tin oxide and fluorinated tin oxide from….

Hexavalent Chrome Plated

Cleaning Mold Release from Hexavalent Chrome-Plated Parts

Q:  Looking for a non-alcohol-based cleaner to remove a mold Release from a hexavalent Chrome-plated part. What do you recommend?

A: For difficult mold release applications, we traditionally recommend high emulsifying detergents like….

CO2 incubators

Cleaning CO2 Incubators

Q: I would like to know which of Citranox or Liquinox you recommend to clean CO2 incubators inside a cleanroom environment, with particular attention to the rust that can come from the water tray. We have both detergents.

A: We recommend using hot 2% Citranox (20 mL/L or 2.5 oz/gal) to soak and possibly scrub the water trays and incubator…..

Cleaning Carbon Steel Soot

Q: We typically clean our carbon steel with Citrajet detergent but following an unintentional overnight soak, we found a dark layer of black soot.  What might this be and how should we clean it?

A: All steels that aren’t stainless will eventually get attacked by acidic solutions over time, so what you are seeing there is the action of the acids in both Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse (and would be the same case with its foaming sibling Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent) on the carbon steel that you are using…..

Cleaning Proteins, RNA and DNA from Lab Equipment

Q. How can I clean proteins, RNA, and DNA from laboratory equipment?

A. Thank you for your question concerning cleaning proteins, RNA and DNA from laboratory equipment.

We will address each separately . . .


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