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tungsten carbide

How To Clean Carbide

Q:I was wondering if you have a product that I can use in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean tungsten carbide that would not leach out cobalt? That also can be disposed of down a drain?

A: Tungsten carbide (WC) cleaning comes with some inherent issues, and the cleaning cycle that accompanies it will depend entirely on the feed stock (components to be cleaned) that the process comes from. This is where Alconox, Inc., as the critical cleaning experts, excel from our experience and vast pool of applications to draw upon.

Disposal of Alconox Inc. Detergents

What is the proper way to dispose of your detergents? Detergent disposal in a proper manner is an integral part of a robust cleaning program regardless of scale or industry. Alconox Inc. detergents are biodegradable….

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Mixed Metal Baths

Q. We are interested in a cleaner that will perform well for mixed metal ultrasonic baths. We are cleaning titanium and cobalt chrome. What can you recommend?

A. As a general rule, mixed metal baths should be avoided. When metals are far enough apart on the galvanic potential scale, batteries can form and the plating out of metal oxides can result, manifesting in dark deposits. This occurs when you clean active metals in electrical and electrolyte solutions in contact with another metal at a different galvanic potential.

aluminum hydroxide

How to: Remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3

Q: We are currently using Alconox powder. What recommendations are there to remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3 from aluminum?  

A: Cleaning hydrated aluminum oxide, or aluminum hydroxide, is not the best of jobs for an emulsifying alkaline cleaner like Alconox powdered detergent.


Food Manufacturing: How to Descale Safely and Effectively

I am an engineer at a large food manufacturer. I have a couple of questions about Citranox regarding a descaling application.  Specifically looking for options for how to descale stainless steel channeling that can only be reached by pumping a liquid through.  Can a foaming detergent be used for pumping?  How much do I use? How is this better than citric acid?


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