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Ultrasonic instrument cleaner

Ultrasonic Bath and Flammable Solvents

Q: We use ethanol somewhat effectively to remove some resin based botanical residues.  We want to move forward with using an ultrasonic tank to ensure some precision in our cleaning.  Do you have anything more effective?

A:  We would very much recommend not running an ultrasonic with ethanol….

Hexavalent Chrome Plated

Cleaning Mold Release from Hexavalent Chrome-Plated Parts

Q:  Looking for a non-alcohol-based cleaner to remove a mold Release from a hexavalent Chrome-plated part. What do you recommend?

A: For difficult mold release applications, we traditionally recommend high emulsifying detergents like….

cannabis facility floor scrubber

Cannabis Facility Cleaning: Using Detonox Detergent in Floor Scrubbers

Q: We regularly use Detonox throughout the facility for cleaning cannabis residues. We also use it for floor cleaning in a manual way. What do you recommend for an automatic floor scrubber?

A: Absolutely, utilizing Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner in a floor scrubber is not only recommended but can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning protocols within cannabis facilities.

Removing Capsaicin Residue

Q: We have capsaicin residue we are encountering.  If it is proving challenging to remove, and irritating to our technicians.  Please help!

A:  We can attack via emulsification or oxidation.  If you are indeed looking to clean manually, the powerful emulsification capability of Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner detergent, along with warm to hot temperatures, will help. 

Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Oxidation

Oxidation or bleaching is one of the many cleaning mechanisms that a detergent formulator can bring to bear by formulating with appropriate ingredients.  In cleaning, oxidation, or bleaching, changes the structure of a residue to render it more easily removed. Oxidation is loss….


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