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art glass pipes

Art and Other Sensitive Glass Cleaning

Q: I am trying to clean a glass hookah with Detonox detergent as you have recommended. Is there anything I should know? I’ve heard sometimes it can etch?

A: Thank you for checking, and the answer is yes. Any glass-liquid-air mixture is susceptible to forming an etch at the meniscus

Floor cleaning: Cannabis and related residues

Q: We are working with cannabis and CBD extractions. We have encountered great results cleaning equipment with your detergents. Do you have floor recommendations? Can we use the same detergent? A: Yes. The same Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner or Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner you are using to manually clean your equipment to remove sticky cannabis and related residues can be used on most flooring.

Cosmetics Cleaning

Q. What are some cleaning concerns for the Cosmetic industry? A. Cosmetic manufacturing involves many oils, pigments, emollients, waxes, serums, and “waterproof” ingredients. Difficult-to-clean residues include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mascara, and silicone oil (siloxane) emollients.  These can be located in the labs where they are developed, the manufacturing and process facilities where they are produced, or the spas and salons where they are used.


Cannabis Cleaning: Separate Detergents

Q: We have a customer that is both trimming/harvesting plants as well as processing them.  They would like to use a separate detergent for each area.

A: Many locations find it easier to use different detergents in different manufacturing locations/suites for the purposes of simplicity.  Whether it be a biotech/pharma plant, healthcare facility, and of course cannabis processors. 

tungsten carbide

How To Clean Carbide

Q:I was wondering if you have a product that I can use in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean tungsten carbide that would not leach out cobalt? That also can be disposed of down a drain?

A: Tungsten carbide (WC) cleaning comes with some inherent issues, and the cleaning cycle that accompanies it will depend entirely on the feed stock (components to be cleaned) that the process comes from. This is where Alconox, Inc., as the critical cleaning experts, excel from our experience and vast pool of applications to draw upon.


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