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How to Clean Fatty Acids and Cationic Residues Off of Polycarbonate?

Q: How would you clean fatty acids and cationic residues off of polycarbonate?  We would like to avoid a harsh solvent and are considering an aqueous solution.  A: This is an interesting combination of residues/substrates.  As the battery industry continues to…


Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: What is a nonionic detergent?

Q. What is a nonionic detergent? How can a nonionic detergent like Alcojet have ionic sodium salts in it? What does it mean when a mil spec requires the use of a nonionic detergent? A. Surfactants are surface acti


How To: Clean Molybdenum

Q: We have started to qualify Alconox Precision Cleaner for our clean line to clean parts for ultra high vacuum applications. Worked great on the stainless parts. But, when we tested an old molybdenum platen with a bead blasted metallic surface, it went black. Do you have a recommendation?

A: While metallic molybdenum is not generally reactive to water or alkaline solutions for the most part, it may be reacting with the phosphates in the Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner.

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Specific Formulations for Cold Water Cleaning?

Q: I’m looking for detergents similar to Liquinox and Citranox, that are specially formulated for cold water cleaning conditions. Can you recommend analogs to the two?

A: For most residues, the detergency of an aqueous detergent is enhanced and hastened by heat. 

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Cleaning Nickel Plated Cold Rolled Steel Parts

Q: We’re noticing a lot of corrosion on our cold rolled steel parts after washing in a new process. Our process is washing with detergents and rinsing at 70C, using Liquinox and Citranox which we have in house.  Do we need different detergents to prevent corrosion?

A: Nickel plated cold rolled steel is commonly used in a variety of industries due to its desirable properties such as corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.


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