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DI Water Wettability

Aqueous Cleaning Environmental and Safety Issues

Q. What are the environmental health and safety issues that need to be considered when developing an aqueous cleaning process? A. Aqueous cleaners, by definition, use water for cleaning and rinsing. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

Removing excess flux from electronic components

Q. We’re using DETOJET to remove excesive flux deposits from our electronic compoments. However, this is corrosive and contains chlorine and we need to make sure there is no outgassing after cleaning. A. We recommend using Detergent 8. Learn More.

What is a nonionic detergent?

Q. What is a nonionic detergent? How can a nonionic detergent like Alcojet have ionic sodium salts in it? What does it mean when a mil spec requires the use of a nonionic detergent? A. Surfactants are surface acti

Using Alconox to clean Rexolite

Q. Is Alconox okay to use on Rexolite? A. According to http://www.rexo

Ultrasonic tank cleaning

Q. What is ultrasonic tank cleaning? Which industries commonly employ the method? What Alconox, Inc brands would be ideal for ultrasonic tank cleaning?


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