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CO2 incubators

Cleaning CO2 Incubators

Q: I would like to know which of Citranox or Liquinox you recommend to clean CO2 incubators inside a cleanroom environment, with particular attention to the rust that can come from the water tray. We have both detergents.

A: We recommend using hot 2% Citranox (20 mL/L or 2.5 oz/gal) to soak and possibly scrub the water trays and incubator…..


How To: Clean Agar Residue

Q: We are looking to clean agar residue from a belt in a machine that pours agar. What do you recommend?

A: For cleaning agar from a belt via manual cleaning, depending on you preference for a powder or liquid detergent, respectively, we would recommend….

Probiotics Manufacturing

Cleaning Probiotics with Low Foaming Detergent

Q: We are a medium-sized production company, focused on probiotic manufacturing.  We would like a low foaming detergent to clean our stainless steel production tanks and lines.  The residue can be quite challenging.  

A:  Residue from probiotics, which are microorganisms, will be proteinaceous and organic in nature.  These residues can be adherent and challenging to remove, especially when a low foaming detergent is required.  Recall that low foaming surfactants tend to be less good at emulsifying, and a reliance on chemistry is required for the predominant cleaning mechanism.  

How to Clean Labware: Removing Algae

Q. We are a large energy company working with algae.  It is proving tough to remove from glass and labware. We are using Liquinox detergent currently, which is good.  Anything better? Eventually we would like to move to cleaning these in our washer.

A. Algae, and the viscous oils that you are working with, require not just powerful emulsifiers….

Biopharma Cleaning: Hormone Residue

Q. How can I clean residual hormone residue from our process lines and tanks?
A. For manual cleaning we would highly recommend TergazymeⓇ Enzyme Active Powered Detergent. It contains protein enzymes that can effectively break down protein based hormones along with powerful emulsifiers.


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