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Critical Cleaning Challenge? There’s an App for that…

Have a critical cleaning challenge? There’s an App for that!! Alconox, Inc. the critical cleaning experts, launches its first ever application to put your cleaning needs and detergent selection information right at your fingertips.


Clean in Place Instructions

If it is too costly and time-consuming to dissasemble large manufacturing filtration systems or tanks, mixers and blenders for cleaning, consider clean in place.

Filter Cleaning Wine Residue

Q. What kind of cleaning can I expect from Tergazyme when cleaning filters with wine residues? A. We would expect Tergazyme to work very well on biofilms or microbial contamination from filters that had been repeatedly used to filter wine.

Biofouling Ultrafilters

Cleaning Ceramic Aluminum Oxide and Polysulfone

Q. Is Detojet, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent, compatible with ceramic aluminum oxide and polysulfone? A. Detojet solutions are compatible with aluminum oxide ceramics. There is need to be concerned about polysulfone.


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