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Cleaning Soda Lime Glass

Q: Our substrate is coated soda-lime glass. It is coated in indium tin oxide, and/or fluorinated tin oxide.  We are unable to remove salt/scale and would like to use detergent only and no volatile solvents.  What does Alconox Inc. recommend?

A: For cleaning residues like indium tin oxide and fluorinated tin oxide from….

Ultrasonic instrument cleaner

Ultrasonic Bath and Flammable Solvents

Q: We use ethanol somewhat effectively to remove some resin based botanical residues.  We want to move forward with using an ultrasonic tank to ensure some precision in our cleaning.  Do you have anything more effective?

A:  We would very much recommend not running an ultrasonic with ethanol….

Proper Cleaning of Microscope Slides

Q: What are the best practices for cleaning microscope slides to ensure they are free from residues and contaminants?

A: Cleaning microscope slides is crucial for ensuring accurate and reliable microscopy results. Residues and contaminants can significantly….

CO2 incubators

Cleaning CO2 Incubators

Q: I would like to know which of Citranox or Liquinox you recommend to clean CO2 incubators inside a cleanroom environment, with particular attention to the rust that can come from the water tray. We have both detergents.

A: We recommend using hot 2% Citranox (20 mL/L or 2.5 oz/gal) to soak and possibly scrub the water trays and incubator…..


How To: Clean Agar Residue

Q: We are looking to clean agar residue from a belt in a machine that pours agar. What do you recommend?

A: For cleaning agar from a belt via manual cleaning, depending on you preference for a powder or liquid detergent, respectively, we would recommend….


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