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Polylysine From Microscope Slides

Q: Will Alconox remove the polylysine coating from microscope slides?

A: Polylysine is a commonly used preservative composed of the amino acid lysine in a long polymeric chain. It is removed with either basic hydrolysis, enzymatic processes, or a combination of both.


Extra Foam Please?

Q: Since foaming is so critical to COP methods, should operators be agitating the solution(s) to produce foam before and during manual cleanings?

A: Mechanical energy, agitation, and plain old elbow grease, are vital weapons in cleaning and Clean-Out-Of-Place applications. So we would recommend that wherever possible, mechanical energy be applied to remove unwanted residues from the surface we are trying to clean. This will

Cleaning Time

How to: Reduce Cleaning Time

Q. What can we do to reduce cleaning time?  We want to be as optimal and thorough in our cleaning as possible.  

A. At Alconox Inc we recognize that manual cleaning may take minutes, spray cleaning seconds, and soaking may take hours, possibly overnight, to achieve comparable cleanliness. Read more….

MgF2 window

How To Clean MgF2 windows for chrome plating?

Q: How do you clean MgF2 windows for chrome plating? We would also like to use in our cleanroom on different kinds of glass types and ceramics.

A: To prepare magnesium fluoride (MgF2) for adhesion of chrome or other plating, a very clean surface is needed.  Depending on what kinds of residues are expected, Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner and Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent are great options.  The choice of which detergent would be….

aluminum hydroxide

How to: Remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3

Q: We are currently using Alconox powder. What recommendations are there to remove Hydrated Aluminum Oxide – Al(OH)3 from aluminum?  

A: Cleaning hydrated aluminum oxide, or aluminum hydroxide, is not the best of jobs for an emulsifying alkaline cleaner like Alconox powdered detergent.


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