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How To Clean Sticky Cannabis Residues – AlconoxCann

In this video, you will learn how Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner makes short work of cannabis residues in various real-world applications.

For access to additional resources to clean cannabis residues and other botanical extracts, visit​.

Interview: Resolving Cannabis Cleaning Challenges

An interview with Michael Moussourakis, Senior Director of Strategic Affairs at Alconox Inc. discussing cannabis cleaning challenges and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Those involved in cannabis processing, whether the dispensary, lab, extraction or manufacturing floor, know cannabis cleaning challenges are real. Click below to find out more!

Alconox Testimonials

Alconox Inc. Critical Cleaning Testimonials

Here are a few people who have shared their experiences using Alconox Inc. Critical Cleaning products in laboratories. Alconox Inc. offers a full line of aqueous cleaning detergents that can be used in ultrasonic cleaning, manual, soak, or machine washers.

How to download a COA

How to Download a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

This video shows step by step how to download a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on our new website.

Locate a dealer

How to Locate an Alconox Inc. Dealer

This video shows step by step how to locate a dealer on our new website at


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