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Published: July 31, 2012

Q: Is there an easy way to clean the filters from my hood? Caustic de-greasers make the aluminum turn brown and are dangerous to work with.


A: In my opinion, the best way to clean the filters is to do it when you are cleaning out the fryer with Alconox:


  1. Drain the fryer and refill with water. Add 1lb. of Alconox concentrated detergent to the water and stir to dissolve.
  2. If the fryer has a “Boil Out” or “Simmer” setting, use that. If not, set the fryer to 190 deg F.
  3. Now take the filters from the hood and place them in the hot detergent in the fryer. If they don’t completely submerge, don’t worry – just let them soak for 10 minutes and then turn them over for another 10 minutes. While they are in the detergent, use a long-handled nylon brush to remove the grease buildup.
  4. Carefully remove the filters from the detergent and spray them off in the sink with fresh water. Then use the same brush to remove the grease buildup from the fryer.
  5. Drain the detergent solution from the fryer, rinse with fresh water, and dry completely.



Now you have a sparkling clean fryer (which will help the fresh oil last much longer) and sparkling clean filters for you your hoods.


A win, win for efficiency and cleanliness.


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