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Published: May 17, 2016
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Don’t fear the fryer, clean it!  No boil out with harsh chemical required.  That Alconox® detergent sample you pick up at Booth #8421 will get your fryer down to the metal clean AND it’s non-caustic, drain safe and biodegradable.  

So, don’t miss out. Be sure and visit Alconox Inc. at NRA 2016 May 21-24 in Chicago.

Listen to how impressed Summit Restaurant LLC manager, Janet Plackemeier, was after using her free Alconox® detergent sample:

“The build up on our fryers was very bad as it had not been deep cleaned for about 2 years. The Alconox® took off all the black build up and the fryer looked like new. The employees came in and wanted to know if we got a new fryer!” Summit Restaurants, LCC

Cleaning a fryer with Alconox® is simple.  First, drain the fryer and refill with water. Add 1lb. of Alconox® concentrated detergent to the water and stir to dissolve. If the fryer has a “Boil Out” or “Simmer” setting, use that. If not, set the fryer to 190 deg F. Drain the detergent solution.
A clean, like-new fryer is not just easy on the eyes. According to Janet, “The oil lasts several days longer now and the wings taste better according to the customers.” And as an added bonus, “Using Alconox® will not only reduced our cleaning time, but enable us to no longer dread cleaning the fryer!”

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