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Published: August 31, 2017

Q. I work in a lab here in London, and we are washing lab glassware (molecular biology/bacteria) with a standard home dishwasher. We do not have access to distilled water for rinsing, and our water is very hard. Will Citrajet be okay under those conditions? Also, do you have a distributor for Citrajet in the UK?

A. Citrajet® Low Foaming Liquid Acid Cleaner will indeed be a great rinse aid under even quite hard water conditions. Rest assured, Citrajet detergent will be working hard to remove both mineral deposits (from the hard water) and other acid labile residue. If your washer has a final water rinse, that can of course leave hard water deposits.   After all, the final rinse is what dictates the final quality of the parts/glassware.  You can help eliminate water spots (hard water mineral deposits) with proper draining and drying so that no water pools can easily collect.

As a general rule, and within obvious reason, water quality does not effect a detergent’s ability to clean.  This would include what often precedes a Citrajet rinse step in these types of washers.  Namely, an Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent alkaline wash.  Alcojet detergent is a powerful detergent, emulsifier and chelator, and is used widely in lab washers around the world.

Regarding your local dealer, feel feel to consult our dealer page here on our website.  Or contact us to discuss online ordering options through Alconox, Inc. or our global online dealers.

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