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Poured Wax
Published: December 18, 2023

Q: What is the best way to remove scented candle wax residue from floors and glassware?

A: Removing scented candle wax residue from floors and glassware can be challenging, but with the right critical cleaning detergent, it can be done effectively. We recommend using Liquinox Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent or Alconox Powdered Precision Cleaner, depending on your preference for a liquid or powder detergent.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use these detergents for the best results:

For floors:

  • Start by scraping off as much of the hardened candle wax as possible using a scraper or brush
  • Once the bulk of the wax is removed, prepare a solution of hot Liquinox or Alconox detergent at a concentration of 1-2% in water. Higher concentrations for larger residues amounts.
  • Soak the area to be cleaned with the hot detergent solution for a few minutes to soften any remaining wax residue.
  • Scrub the area with a brush or mop to help loosen and lift the wax from the floor.
  • Rinse the area thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent residue.

For glassware:

  • If the wax residue is on the surface of the glassware, start by placing the affected items in a sink or basin.
  • Prepare a solution of Alconox or Liquinox detergent at 1-2% concentration in hot water. Again, higher concentrations could be warranted
  • Soak the glassware in the hot solution for 15-30 minutes to help dissolve the wax residue.
  • Use a soft brush or sponge to gently scrub the glassware, paying particular attention to any stubborn spots.
  • Rinse the glassware thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent and wax residue.

Liquinox and Alconox cleaners are powerful emulsifying detergents ideal for removing various residues, including candle wax, from various surfaces. They are both non-toxic, biodegradable, and free-rinsing, making them safe and effective for critical cleaning applications.

For very difficult, waxy residues, especially those with other additives, including CBD, our most potent emulsifier Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner will likely be the best bet, following the above recommendations including hot water and elevated concentrations.

Where low foaming and/or lingering scent residues are resent looking to Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent and Detojet® Low Foaming Liquid Detergent, for a powder and liquid options, respectively, is the path forward.

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