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Published: February 16, 2022

Q: Could you explain the difference between the relative properties of Liquinox, Alconox, and Detonox? What are differences between alkaline foaming detergents?

A: Each detergent Alconox Inc. manufactures has a specific attribute or set of attributes that fills a cleaning challenge role. This of course is true between our alkaline foaming detergents. For very difficult residues like silicone oil, cosmetic and pharma bases, serums, waxes, botanical resins, etc. we would mostly recommend Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner. When there is a preference for a powdered detergent, then Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner. For other challenging organic and oily residues Alconox or Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent will be great. Particularly the latter when a phosphate free option is required.

All three detergents are great emulsifiers of organic and oily residues. Liquinox is a phosphate free detergent with both an anionic and non-ionic surfactant. Alconox powder contains an anionic surfactant and phosphate-powered chelation. Detonox detergent combines the attributes of Liquinox and Alconox, with both types of surfactants, and chelation. It also has a bit higher a pH for added alkaline hydrolysis capability. It is our best foaming, emulsifying detergent, and again is target to very tough residues that are being cleaning manually or ultrasonically.

To request these or any Alconox Inc. detergent for free, please complete the questionnaire at Get Sample. For more information about any one of our Alconox Inc. detergents, consult the technical bulletin for each product. Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Safety Data Sheets.

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