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Published: September 1, 2022

Q. Why are critical cleaners essential in flavor and fragrance industries?

A. Many major flavor and fragrance companies use Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner  and Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent  detergent to soak, scrub or sonicate their manufacturing equipment. The reason they use these detergents is that they are free of all flavors, fragrances, brighteners, softeners, dyes, cationic biocides or disinfectants, and emollients that might leave residues. This way no residue can interfere with the organoleptic properties of the next material manufactured in that equipment.

For cleaning via washers or other automated high pressure units (ex. CIP) necessitating low-foaming detergents Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent and Detojet® Low Foaming Liquid Detergent are employed.  The former, being a powdered detergent, is used for ‘homestyle’ under-sink laboratory washers that have an in-door compartment for powders or gels. (Note:  for the purposes of detergents, gels are not liquids.)

For larger industrial type washers, with liquid dispensing systems, the Detojet detergent is an excellent choice for cleaning essential oils, cbd, and other residues that leave lingering scents due to its oxidizing cleaning mechanism.  Detojet and Alcojet cleaners are often used as a primary choice for difficult, lingering scent residue applications.

For washers with an rinse-aid, or acid rinse cycle, Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse is a great choice.

We are happy to discuss your specific application needs at any time.

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