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Published: January 7, 2016

Q. Should we use a rinsing agent, like Jet Dry, in our commercial kitchen dishwasher?

A. Rinse agents leave an oily film on tableware. Do the squeak test: when you take a plate out of the dishwasher is it squeaky clean? If it feels slippery, a rinse aid was used. Rinse aids will speed up the drying process. Whether you choose to use them or not depends on how clean you want or need your surfaces to be. If it is a wine glass where squeaky clean, residue free surfaces are very important, then perhaps a rinse aid is not the best idea.

Alconox, Inc. detergents can be used with or without rinse agents. Detergent dosing in commercial kitchen dishwashers can be tricky. Contact our Tech Support if you are interested in testing one of our dishwasher detergents.  We also offer free samples.  

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