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Elevated Temperatures
Published: January 6, 2022

Q: I am contacting you to ask for more info regarding the stability of Tergazyme as we encountered a temperature deviation during shipment. The exposure temperature was 47C for about 3 hours.

A: Dry powdered Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent will be fine with a 3-hour excursion to 47C. As dry detergent product it is quite stable and is designed to tolerate exposure to elevated and low temperatures during transient transportation-related events.

Long-term storage is not acceptable at 47C, but incidental exposure to elevated temperatures for hours will be fine as dry powder. If the dissolved enzyme is exposed to above 55C temperatures for 3 hours, that would substantially inactivate the enzyme and render the solution less ineffective. Once you dissolve the Tergazyme detergent in water to initiate a cleaning activity, temperature should be warm but ≤ 55C. The temperature 47C is a near-ideal temperature for use of Tergazyme solution to maximize cleaning.

Using exposure of Tergazyme to elevated temperature as a worst-case, due to the proteases, this guidance on temperature deviations will hold true for storage for our other powdered detergents. Note that other powdered detergents will be used in cleaning and are recommended to be used above 55C as they have no enzymes to risk degrading.  For most applications, and detergents other than Tergazyme, high temperatures accelerate cleaning.

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