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Published: January 31, 2023

Q: Whenever the Detonox is left in a stainless steel sink, it forms a white substance at the bottom of the sink. We have tested the water with Detonox in a glass beaker and it does not form the same ‘Scum’. Is this a common problem with Detonox? If so is there any measures we can take to get rid of the white scum forming in our sink?

A: When aqueous detergents are left behind, the water can evaporate and leave behind a gooey, white,  “pure” concentrate of the detergent.  We highly suspect this is what you are seeing.   The glass beaker does not experience this phenomenon because it takes much longer to evaporate in there than in a large steel sink.  Hard water may also play a role in the scum formation.  While these well built detergents can be used in number of potable water types, cleaner water will cause less precipitates as one might imagine.

As Alconox Inc. detergents are biodegradable, care should be taken in leaving diluted detergents solutions sitting.  Best practices include changing out regularly (ex. daily, by shift basis, by parts/residue basis).  This avoids bioburden formation, as well as the potential for cross contamination.  Ensuring detergents solutions are fresh, maximizes cleaning capacity, and detergency.

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