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Scientist chemist in gloves pouring detergent from flask into glass closeup
Published: July 26, 2022

Q: For ease of use, we would like to use the concentrated detergent in our lab directly, then add water.  Any issues with that?

A:  For Alconox Inc. manufactured detergents intended for manual / clean out of place use, we recommend making prior dilutions for usage of the detergents with known concentrations. However, an alternative would be to add a small amount of detergent concentrate (powder or liquid) directly into the piece of glassware to be cleaned, or directly on to a wet sponge, brush or cloth being used to clean glassware or other objects.

This needs to be followed by the addition of an appropriate amount of water, before agitation with a brush or similar implement. If less precision is used in adding detergent first to the parts to be cleaned a little more detergent than intended might be used. However, in manual cleaning, the operator will inherently be visually inspecting the object being cleaned to insure efficacy of the cleaning process without regard to whatever the detergent concentration is. Following the normal washing steps, parts have to be rinsed thoroughly with tap water, and if desired with a final rinse of DI water prior to drying.  This method will clean equally as well as cleaning glassware with a previously made solution of known concentration. 

This approach of using the concentrated detergent as a starting block is of course what we all use at home when cleaning dishes in the sink.

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